Novel effect of the high risk-HPV E7 CKII phospho-acceptor site on polarity protein expression



Oncogenic Human Papillomaviruses (HPVs) base their transforming potential on the action of both E6 and E7 viral oncoproteins, which perform cooperative or antagonistic actions and thus interfere with a variety of relevant cellular targets. Among them, the expression of some PDZ-containing polarity proteins, as DLG1 and hScrib, is altered during the HPV life cycle and the consequent malignant transformation. Together with the well-established interference of E6 with PDZ proteins, we have recently shown that E7 viral oncoprotein is also responsible for the changes in abundance and localization of DLG1 observed in HPV-associated lesions. Given that the mechanisms involved remained only partially understood, we here thoroughly analyse the contribution of a crucial E7 post-translational modifcation: its CKII-dependent phosphorylation. Moreover, we extended our studies to hScrib, in order to investigate possible conserved regulatory events among diverse PDZ targets of HPV.

Palabras clave

HPV E7, CKII, PDZ, DLG1 hScrib