Estratégias midiáticas de contruçao de uma candidata à presidência do Brasil: uma proposta teórico-metodológica

[en] The major theoric-methodological challenge of a research that involves three complex dimensions as the f ield of com-munication, politics and the question of gender (female), is to f ind the link that makes the connection bet ween the dif ferent moments that represents the building of Roussef f as a candi-date. It is not about f it into categories of analyzed materials or in work plans pre-def ined. The purpose is to leave these materials speaking for themselves from that scene of poli-tics mediatization, in which we realize that politics is done through appeals and requests to mediatic f ield, such as live ambience of media coverage. The politics needs to approach to the mediatization to be recognized in the current scenario. That is, Dilma Roussef f is a body that activates circulation mediatic while receiving the investment of determinations of the production of the media universe

Palabras clave

Política, Medios de comunicación, Campaña electoral, Brasil, Rousseff, Dilma, Género, Discurso político, Political Discourse, Media, Electioneering, Gender