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Pedagogic practices orientated to the problems of education - learning eveloped by teachers of F.O.R.



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Centro de Publicaciones Periódicas Electrónicas de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario
This research paper looks into the teaching-learning process in the School of Dentistry of Rosario University, through an opinion survey carried out among the professors and students from different courses. The teaching methodology, the didactic actions, the didactic resources, the colaborative work and the rol of the students in class, the pedagogical interventions and the knowledge acquisition were related with a pedagogical model supported by professors using both, the totality of the answers given by the students in a specially designed questionnaire and their class observations. The general results proved that the teaching model preferred by professors was the behaviourist model, even though professors claim that this model is constructivist. The other variables also coincided with the behaviourist model. In relation with their own practices with the students and other professors from the same course, an assessment of pedagogical participations of the professors was carried out. This showed that the evaluations were done by approximately half the professors. These findings enable us to think about the teaching-learning problems in our School and also to redefine our work along to axes: the conceptual and the attitude –procedural, with the purpose of improving qualitatively and quantitatively the different aspects of the new profile of the “School Hospital” proposed by the School.

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Espejo, Teresa. Pedagogic practices orientated to the problems of education - learning eveloped by teachers of F.O.R. e-Universitas UNR Journal [Online], Volumen 2 Número 4 [junio 2010]. Available in: ISSN 1666-6143.